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    1. Presentation:

                AD1 Airsoft / Dolomede is a SARL with a capital of 7611 Euros, registered with the registry of Orleans under RCS 431 984 533. Its registered office is located 9/11 rue Henri Dunant 91070 BONDOUFLE, France.

    1. Objet:

                The present general conditions of sale are applicable to any purchase made on the website WWW.AD1-AIRSOFT.COM property of AD1 AIRSOFT / DOLOMEDE. The ordering of a property on our site implies acceptance by the buyer of the present general conditions of sale. The general conditions of sale may be modified at any time. The applicable conditions are those in effect.

                The contract of sale of a property purchased on the site consists of the general conditions of sale in force at the time of the order and the order form. We invite you to take note of these before the validation of your order. On the other hand, you acknowledge that you have the full legal capacity to commit yourself under these terms and conditions of sale.

                We remind you that the sale of replicas with a power greater than 0.08 joules is regulated by Decree 99-240 of March 24, 1999 (Decree concerning the conditions of marketing of certain objects having the appearance of a firearm).

    Only adults of full age may purchase replicas of more than 0.08 joules. Therefore, by validating an order, you certify that you are a major person and act legally.
    The company AD1 AIRSOFT can not be held responsible in the event of high quality spoof by one of its customers.

    Decree No. 99-240 of 24 March 1999 on the marketing conditions for certain objects having the appearance of a firearm

    1. Characteristics of the products offered:

                The products offered are those listed on the AD1 AIRSOFT website. These items are for sale while stocks last. The photographs and representations are as faithful as possible, but can not ensure a perfect similarity with the proposed product, especially with regard to colors.

                AD1 AIRSOFT endeavors to keep this information up to date as best as possible. In no event shall AD1 AIRSOFT be held liable for any changes or errors concerning the description of the characteristics of the product purchased. (The validity of the sale will not be affected.) Notably, the mention of firing powers, rate of fire and electricity consumption are measurements taken on a sample, they are therefore not contractual. You can issue a reservation on your order, in the comment section during the process of validation of your order, mentioning that you want a statement of measures before shipping your product.

              Similarly, photographs illustrating the products, in support of the description text, do not fall within the scope of the contract.

                AD1 AIRSOFT can not be held liable for damages of any kind, whether material or immaterial or corporeal, which could result from a malfunctioning or misuse of the products marketed. The same applies to any changes in the products resulting from the manufacturers.


    1. Prices :

                The prices listed on the WWW.AD1-AIRSOFT site are prices in Euros including all taxes. Any change in VAT rate will be immediately reflected in the price of the products. Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice. . At this price, the transport costs calculated according to the nature of the items ordered and the selected carrier should be added. The shipping costs are indicated on the screen when the carrier is selected, and are recalled in the summary of the order that precedes the validation.

                These shipping costs are offered for an order amount over 100 € TTC, only for an expedition to Metropolitan France and the Colissimo.

    1. Commandes:

                The buyer acknowledges by validating his order to have taken note of the general conditions of sale and to accept them.

                In order to validate an order, the buyer must identify himself by filling the form placed at his disposal where he will include the information necessary for his identification, surname, first name, telephone number, e-mail address, delivery address and billing. Fields marked with a star are mandatory.

                After clicking the "Validate Command" button, the command is validated and saved permanently. You will receive an order number as well as a confirmation on the screen and / or by e-mail. The data recorded by AD1 AIRSOFT constitute proof of the nature, content and date of the order. Pursuant to Decree No. 99-240 of 24 March 1999, which prohibits the sale of certain items having The appearance of a gun to minors, the customer must declare at the time of the order to be of age.
    The validation of the order is worth proof of the transaction.

                For any order for professional use, you are invited to register in a professional account and to inform your VAT number if necessary. The company AD1 AIRSOFT can not be held responsible for any prejudice whatsoever (delay in delivery, unavailability due to a breakdown ...) on the activity of the company.


    -          Order Change

                For any modification of order after validation on line, you are invited to contact our customer service by mail or by telephone to the heading to contact us.

    -         Order Processing Times

                When the item ordered is available in stock in our warehouse, the processing time of an order (validation, payment and preparation) before shipment is about 2 working days for any order placed before 12:00.

    In the event of force majeure or exceptional events (natural disaster, strikes, etc.) delaying or forbidding the delivery of goods, AD1 AIRSOFT is released from all liability.

    Any cancellation of order, for whatever reason, and accepted by AD1 AIRSOFT gives the right to the reimbursement of the sums paid. No compensation for cancellation can be claimed.


    1. Sécurité de transaction:

                We may ask you, by e-mail, to justify your identity and your domicile, in order to protect you from fraudulent transactions. Through these vouchers, we guarantee you a better security, making sure that you are the owner of the bank card used.

                In the case of orders by check or transfer, a proof corresponding to the addresses of the order and the bearer of the check may also be asked to you, always in order to guarantee maximum security of transaction.

                AD1 AIRSOFT reserves the right to request a transfer within the framework of the validation and the treatment of your order, to ensure the quality and the security of the delivery of your package.


    1. Payment terms :

               When paying your order, several payment methods are available:

    Carte Bancaire : Transaction 100% secured. Your payment will be processed by our partner, CREDIT MUTUEL. The exchange of information is encrypted thanks to the SSL protocol which guarantees total security. Therefore, AD1 has no knowledge of your bank account details. This method of payment is only available to residents of Metropolitan France.

    Bank Transfer:
    Your order will be processed and shipped only after receipt of your transfer to our bank account

    To use this method of payment, you only have to pay the amount corresponding to the total amount TTC with shipping of your order to the following account:

    IBAN : FR76  1027  8374  5600  0103  0041  012


    Domiciliation: CM ORLEANS CHATELET

    Please enter your order number as well as your name in the order form to ensure that your order is processed as soon as possible. The possible costs related to this method of payment are at your expense and should not be included in the amount of the transfer.

    An email will be sent to you as soon as we receive your payment on our account.

    Paypal :
    Paypal allows you to pay without providing your bank details. To use this method of payment, you must have a Paypal account. If you choose to pay by Paypal, Paypal's terms and conditions apply.


    1. Billing:

                A detailed invoice is sent to you in your package, and can be downloaded to your account. The indication of the amount of the T.V.A. gives the possibility to the communities, companies and liberal professions to recover it.

    1. delivery:

                In case of unavailability of the ordered product, the buyer will be informed by email to the address indicated on the order or directly by telephone.
    AAfter a period of 30 days from the date of the order, the buyer may request the cancellation of the order and the reimbursement of the price.

    Shipment prices in Metropolitan France:


    0 à 250g

    250 à 500g

    500g à 1kg

    1 à 4kg

    4 à 5kg

    5 à 6kg

    6 à 8kg

    8 à 10kg

    10 à 15kg

    15 à 30kg

    Prices in Euros











              Unless otherwise stated, delivery is made to the address you indicated when ordering. No merchandise will be shipped before full payment of the order. Any bank payment centers concerned will have given their payment agreement in advance. Except in special cases or unavailability of one or more items, the ordered items will be delivered in one go.

                We recommend that you check on receipt of the correct conformity of your order, in case of worry, thank you to contact us with our customer service: [email protected]

                If at the time of delivery, the original packaging is damaged, torn open, then you must check the condition of the items. If they have been damaged, you must refuse the parcel. Upon receipt of the item and after finding the damage, we will make the exchange, credit or refund, according to your choice. So you should not throw away the items.

                Delivery times are indicative only if, exceptionally, we are committed to a specific delivery date. In case you choose to pay by bank check, money order or bank transfer your order will only be processed when the amount of the order is definitively cashed and the deadlines applicable are those of the day of the collection funds.

    -Vous pouvez être livré :

    • at home
    • To another particular address you indicate.

                If you wish to make a gift order, please indicate it in the delivery notes. We will send you a confirmation email and the parcel will then be sent to this particular address with a sending slip without price. Except in special cases or unavailability of one or more items, the ordered items will be delivered in one go.

    -          Delivery in metropolitan France:

                The articles we have received (electronic payment, bank transfer, check or money order) are sent to you the same day. The articles ordered are sent with the assistance of LA POSTE by Colissimo followed. LA POSTE gives, by way of indication, a delay of 48 hours for deliveries. However, a delay of 3 to 5 days is sometimes observed. Thanks to your customer interface, you can know at any time what stage your package is in the LA POSTE network. Deliveries arrive directly at your home or, if you are absent, at your post office.

                The articles ordered can also be sent in chronopost . The delivery time is 24 hours. The delivery can be made at your home or in a relay package if you choose the delivery chronopost relay packages. As with Colissimo, you will be able to follow the steps of delivery of your parcel with a parcel tracking number. For delivery at home, in case of absence at the time of delivery, a notice of passage will be deposited in your mailbox and your package will be automatically deposited in a relay package closest to your home. You will then have 10 days to withdraw your parcel under presentation of your ID. With chronopost several additional options are available to you:

    • Choose a new delivery date within 9 working days.
    • Change place of delivery.
    • Choose the point of your choice.

    -          Shipping Europe:

                AD1 delivers from the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal. For Switzerland, delivery is subject to customs duties.

    -          Delivery Outside Europe Community:

                AD1 does not deliver in countries outside the Community. Except in exceptional cases. You should then contact us by email.


    1. Returns:

                The customer has a withdrawal period of 14 clear days from receipt of the item to return, at his expense to the company DOLOMEDE, the products, for exchange or refund. In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the customer will have the choice of asking, either the refund of his order, except the expenses of return which he has engaged, or the exchange of products (the expenses of ports Engaged for this new expedition remaining at his charge). Any request for exchange or refund must be made by post. The products must be returned in new condition and in their original packaging in perfect condition to:

    AD1 Airsoft chez CYBERGUN
    11 rue Henri DUNANT
    91070 BONDOUFLE

                We will ask you to attach a photocopy of the purchase invoice. References to "postage paid by the recipient" or "cash on delivery" will be refused.

    2. After-sales service:

    -        Reminder of legal provisions:

    Article L211-4 of the Consumer Code: The seller is obliged to deliver goods in conformity with the contract and is liable for defects of conformity existing at the time of issue.
    It also answers to the defects of conformity resulting from the packaging, the assembly instructions or the installation when this was charged to it by the contract or was carried out under its responsibility.

    AArticle L211-5 of the Consumer Code: In order to comply with the contract, the property must:
    1° Be fit for the usual expected use of a similar good and, where applicable:
    - Correspond to the description given by the seller and possess the qualities which he has presented to the buyer in the form of a sample or a model;
    - Present the qualities that a buyer can legitimately expect in view of public statements made by the seller, the producer or his representative, in particular in advertising or labeling;
    2° Or present the characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the parties or be specific to any special purpose sought by the buyer, brought to the knowledge of the seller and which the latter has accepted.

    Article L211-12 of the Consumer Code: Action resulting from lack of conformity is prescribed by two years from the issue of the goods.

    Article 1641 of the Civil Code: The seller is liable for the hidden defects of the thing sold which make it unsuitable for the use for which it is intended, or which so diminishes this use that the buyer would not have it Acquired, or would have given a lesser price if he had known them.

    Article 1648 of the Civil Code: The action resulting from the redhibitory defects must be instituted by the purchaser within two years from the discovery of the defect.

                For any return related to the After-Sales Service you can contact the After-Sales Service who will reply to you as soon as possible and will notify you of the items to be returned if it fails to solve the remote failure at the email address:[email protected]

                The shipping costs incurred for this new expedition are the responsibility of the customer. All articles are covered by a one year warranty according to article 1641 of the Civil Code. This applies for any manufacturing defect or hidden defect, Do not take into account breakages and breakdowns due to misuse, wear of parts, gun jams, modifications to the articles and any disassembly performed by a third party will render null and void the warranty.

                The company AD1 explicitly extends the guarantee from 1 year to 2 years free of charge under the same conditions from 1 January 2013 only for replicas on a promotional basis and on a temporary basis, it undertakes to notify its customers on the homepage In the event of the end of the offer.

                For the returns thank you to think well to send the 4 documents allowing the good follow-up of your SAV to know:

    • A copy of your invoice
    • The detail of the breakdown
    • A precise listing of the items returned (Ex: battery 1500 / 8.4vmini, battery charger, M15A4 rifle etc ...)
    • Clearly mark on your package the order number related to the purchase.

    Here is the return address:

    AD1 Airsoft chez CYBERGUN
    11 rue Henri DUNANT
    91070 BONDOUFLE

                The return of goods is at your own expense, risk and peril. Products returned by carrier without physical protection or badly protected can not benefit from the guarantee, in the same way as the products damaged, worn or soiled. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that you protect and ensure the product (s) returned during transport.

    1. Reservation of title:

                AD1 Airsoft remains the owner of the delivered goods until the full payment of their price, in application of the provisions of the law of May 12, 1980.

    1. Personal data:

                In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access and correct your personal data. By our intermediary you may receive our offers by email. If you do not wish to do so, please contact us by email: service [email protected]

    1. Attribution of jurisdiction:

                These general conditions of sale are subject exclusively to French law. If applicable, it is your responsibility, as a foreign customer, to check with the local authorities the possibilities of using the product you are considering ordering.